Coaching Focus Areas:

I help cause-driven leaders and organizations overcome growth challenges. My mission is to create more exposure and impact in movements created by passionate people that are currently stalled out. Often this looks like:

  • Clarifying communication internally

  • Raising monetary support

  • Creating favorable partnerships

  • Adding and retaining great talent

  • Installing new culture initiatives

“Consistency always outweighs the occasional flash of brilliance.”

Career Experience

20+ Years creating high performing communication campaigns.

  • Owner @ Impact Over Attention

  • Communications Strategist @ Success Fort Worth

  • Communications Director @ 121 Community Church

  • Marketing Director @ Steadfast Creative

  • Marketing Director @ Enilon

  • Search Director @ Agency Entourage

15+ Years creating high-volume and business generating multimedia. 

  • Co-Creator & Co-Host of The (Un)Learn Show (3+ Million views)

  • Creator & Host of The Productive POV Podcast

  • Producer of 5 Award winning client industry Podcasts/Shows

15+ years coaching individuals and teams to be purposed performers.

Jake Jordan is a man with an epic servant’s heart. His passion is his purpose and his purpose is serving others as a brilliant coach/consultant. He has a beautiful way of asking powerful questions and truly listens. He will provide you perspectives that will take you on a path to transformation both personally and professionally.
— Matt Gagnon
Jake’s philosophical approach has not only been refreshing, it helped me tackle a longstanding issue of identifying the types of clients I work with. Perhaps one of his biggest strengths is his ability to coach each client in a way that is unique to the way they learn and conduct business. It is for these reasons and more that I can confidently recommend Jake to anyone looking for a coach that will help them create a deeper impact in the communities they operate in.
— Karen Markle
Let’s just say it like it is – Jake’s a bad ass! He does an outstanding job communicating the vision and goals to get the best from everyone involved, and he possesses a calmness throughout each step of a project. He’s a solid man, a great ally and if you get the chance to work with him on a project – take it!
— Collier Vinson

Personal & Family

Jake and his wife Mindy have been married over 15 years and have a son and a daughter that they homeschool. They love to read and travel together to learn more about this fantastic planet and the amazing cultures that fill it. They also love Jesus and disciple young christians in their faith.