Does coaching work? That is a question Iā€™m sure you are asking yourself and you should be asking yourself.  A major component of coaching is helping you discover what gives you the greatest return on your investment of time, energy, effort and resources.  This is a portion of just one study done on the ROI of professional coaching.  

A study on a Fortune 500 telecommunications firm that ran a leadership development effort - in which coaching was a key component ā€“ found that a 529% return on investment was produced by the coaching process (excluding the benefits from employee retention, which were considered intangible but highly significant). Other findings from this study: 

  • Coaching was a very effective developmental tool for the leadership development participants, producing financial and intangible benefits for the business.

  • Decision-making, team performance and the motivation of others were enhanced.

  • Three-quarters (77%) of the respondents indicated that coaching had a significant or very significant impact on at least one of nine business measures.

  • Employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction were considered significant sources of intangible benefits.

  • Respondents cited were work output (30%) and work quality (40%) improvements as a result of coaching.

(Executive Briefing: Case Study on the Return on Investment of Executive Coaching,

Merrill C. Anderson, Ph.D.)