Coaching Focus Areas: Arlene is a marketing and writing expert specializing in business communication and business branding. Arlene’s primary passion is helping clients write and use different book platforms for leveraging professional & personal stories to grow a powerful and profitable business. Arlene is a top-notch writing coach, ghost writer, content and continuity editor, book marketability consultant, speech writer, and PowerPoint presentation consultant.

Above and beyond helping clients write and market book(s), as a business marketing expert, Arlene also helps clients:

  • Write signature speeches and develop accompanying PowerPoint slides to meet multiple presentation time lengths for keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshop sessions.

  • Develop USP (unique selling proposition) statements and other written message content for business branding.

  • Create and/or update website text to maximize a proper and powerful, clear and consistent message.

  • Learn how to create clear and consistent social media content to build business connections.

  • Create written content for marketing materials such as brochures, fliers, and more.

  • Create and determine distribution of press releases. 

  • Fiction writers learn about the business of writing and mindset change from writer, to author, and ultimately entrepreneur.

  • Speaks and teaches workshops to business groups about all of these topics. 

Arlene works with clients one-on-one or in small group workshops, including:

  • People who have never written a book, but want to or have no idea why they need to.

  • People who have written many books, but want to write the next one to feature their expertise and build business in a powerful and profitable way. 

  • People who have existing content and want to learn how to maximize its use.

  • People finetuning their market position or target market and require refocus of business message.

  • People who are new to or starting a business and require start-up branding, concept development, and marketing materials.

Example Workshop and Coaching Topics –

1)    Every Business Person Needs to Write a Book to Grow More Business

Description: Different book platforms and how each is designed and used to build business from the website-based book, to the marketing mini book, and the big best seller. Learn why a business at any stage, with or without existing content, needs at least one of these book platforms, if not all, to grow business.

2)    Write a Personal Story to Leave Your Mark on the World

Description: Everyone has a story to tell, how it’s written opens doors for speaking, coaching, changing lives, and other opportunities to impact people. Write your legacy.Everything needed to succeed is within.Harness the power to motivate and inspire others by writing your story in memoir, how to, or another genre. 

3)   Biggest Mistakes Most Writers Make

Description: What are they. How to avoid making them. How to ask the right questions and find the right answers before a word is written, which impacts content and sales. This knowledge is the difference between just publishing a book and publishing a sellable, profitable, business-building, credibility marketing tool.

4)    Use Your Words

Description: Create captivating content for social media, websites, and marketing materials. Using words for relationship marketing, which yields sales and customer loyalty. Learn tips and tricks using written words to attract clients without every message being sell, sell, sell.  Write so customers will come to you. 

Career Experience:

Arlene’s experience includes 25 years using her writing to help clients earn millions of dollars in new clients & new business. She helped write hundreds of books and thousands of magazine articles as well a television and radio programming and advertising. Her own 8th book is: Book Business Blueprint: Build Credibility, Stand Out from the Competition, and Skyrocket Sales by Writing Your Book.Arlene is a multiple international award-winning & #1 best-selling author. Arlene’s first book Face Forward Move Forwardearned international, national & peer review awards. The memoir’s theme of overcoming adversity opened doors to an array of workshop and speaking opportunities. This is the outcome she teaches others to duplicate.

Education & Recognitions:

Arlene earned a Masters in Marketing with a specialization in communication from the University of Texas in Arlington. 

She has a B.S. in Advertising/Public Relations, with a minor in radio, television, film from Texas Christian University.

Arlene has been featured on numerous radio programs and podcasts and multiple PBS programs. 

Arlene earned a national "Small Business Champions Award" and "Rising Star Award" for her book writing expertise. She is an international award-winning author and speaker, too.

Personal & Family:

Arlene lives in rural north Texas with her husband, two sons, two donkeys, chicken, sheep, and a dog. She loves to travel. Her motto is: “Let me use my passion for writing to help you feature your passion for your business.”

Arlene Gale is a powerhouse of writing skill. Ideas popped out of her head faster than I could write them down. Arlene’s enthusiasm is infectious. I also appreciate how she built my confidence. Incredibly, she made writing fun. I never believed that was possible! The coaching she gives will monetize your business and increase your revenue. That’s what it has done for my business!
— E. Fowler
I personally endorse Arlene’s writing talent since I hired her myself to help complete a book proposal that got me a big named publisher contract with the outline for my 9th book. She’s amazing! Hire her and experience her work for yourself.
— Debbie Allen
I’m so grateful to Arlene for helping me write a powerful marketing plan! I already implemented many of her suggestions for my business. I’m so much more confident and finally have a marketing strategy I know will work.
— S. Daniels
Thank you Arlene for motivating me to write my book and for helping me get organized. I’m excited about writing my first book now! You lit a fire under me and I finally feel like I have a clear direction!
— Mona Dixon
Awesome book writing workshop! Arlene is definitely a writing expert. She helped me and she can help you make that book you want to write actually happen!
— Carolyn Andrews
First, I hired Arlene to help me with outlining my entire book and the themes for book two and three, too. The VIP day was a very productive and inspiring day. Then I took her 2-day writing workshop where she tied it all together with writing tools, business use ideas, and publishing tools, too. Arlene helped me get ready, get excited to take bigger, better, bolder, and more focused writing action.
— Melissa Guthrie
Arlene’s presentation was educational, funny, and captivating. I heard Arlene speak and then hired her as the featured speaker for my next event.
— Rachel Lykins, Rejuvenation at Sea Conference Coordinator
Arlene has impressive writing knowledge. She possesses delivery skills to hold an audience’s attention, remain on topic and on time. I enthusiastically recommend Arlene!
— Timothy Lewis, WTA&M University Writers Academy