Why Write a Book? (Part 1)

Many people ask, “Why write my story?” This is a sincere question asked by people who want to write professional and personal stories. I recognize the yearning, passion, hesitation, and even fear that overshadows this goal. And perhaps I owe my mother an apology for not learning the lesson she tried to teach me about not answering a question with a question, because my first response was: “Why not write your story?” On deeper reflection, the answer really is an exclamation: “Why not write your story!” because in my experience as a writing and marketing coach, with today’s technology, everyone who wants to write a book should be encouraged to do so – IF it’s done to build business credibility and profitability. Most people who ask “WHY” are asking a rhetorical question. They don’t need someone else to answer their “WHY.” I submit that “Why?” is the wrong question, so stop asking it and instead start learning “HOW!”

As an expert coach who knows the ins and outs of the writing and business-marketing world, the “HOW” triggers fear because it requires action, commitment, and passion to move forward with writing the book. The point of this 3-part blog is to start beating back the fear, build confidence, and begin to answer the HOW questions about the writing (and eventually the marketing, and publishing) process for your book.

The writing process requires a passionate commitment of time and money. These are among the top questions I get everywhere I go: 

“How much time will it take to write my book?”

“How much money do I need to write and publish a book?” 

These are great questions with specific answers needed for the long term, but not now. These questions, at this point, without first defining the passion for your idea and the writing process, are irrelevant. Why? You tell me. Is it true that the more passionate you are about something, the more time and money you allow it to consume? For example, if you’re given an unexpected “bucket list” opportunity, with a clear path that takes you 90 percent toward achieving this dream, will you make excuses about the lack of time and/or money or will you figure out how to move the rest of the way (only 10%) toward achieving the goal? Most people will see the value in figuring out HOW to navigate the rest of the way. The same thinking applies to the passion for writing a book. If I coach you how to take steps to move further and further along the path toward getting your book written (the 90%), won’t you do the rest? My experience and expertise tells me: If you have passion for the project, you will!

Also, we’re busy people who aren’t sitting around waiting for something to come along to fill up spare time. If you have minimal passion for any project, you’re not going to cut other more exciting endeavors out of your schedule to substitute this lesser one. Your book idea must drive you toward figuring out what things can take a back seat to writing your story, at least for a little while.

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