Setting Solid Goals

“My goal in life is to become as wonderful as my dogs thinks I am”

Author Unknown – but I wish it had been me!


It is important that we fully understand why we need goals and that we must commit to them fully if we expect serious, positive results. 

Here are some areas of life where having solid goals will make a real difference:


  • Personal goals help us become more than we are now – more healthy, more skilled, more aware and more fulfilled.

  • Family goals bring us together around common interests and build strong bonds.  I highly recommend camping together as a first step in this process.  Even the simple task of erecting a tent can be a real goal-setting eye opener.

  • Business goals help us fulfill our responsibilities to our employees, customers and vendors.  They have a way of binding us to these folks in a common struggle to become successful. Our mutual inter-dependence makes us all better.

  • Short-term goals allow us to celebrate our successes with the people closest to us.  We need this continuing encouragement to move forward and stay motivated.

  • Medium-term goals act as our road map to the future. Without taking time out to routinely check in on how we are doing, it is easy to end up way off course.

  • Long-term goals remind us that each time we succeed; we are building a valuable legacy that others can follow.  These goals are the ones that ultimately determine how we finish the race.